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How to:


  • not be fear our fears?

  • become our authentic-self?

  • embrace all of cycles of our psyche?

  • slow down the speed of our thoughts?

  • find the meaning and value of one's life?

  • find clarity and calm in challenging time?

  • re-link our nature with nature of Nature?

  • be compassionate for ourselves and others?

  • accept what happened and find ways to move forward?

  • let go of the attachment to whatever is no longer serve us? 

  • experience more ranges, possibilities and build in resilience?

  • bring more loving-kindness attention to yourself and to others?

  • embody our body, our process of physicality, emotionally, cognitively?

  • bring aliveness and power to the parts of our body that have neurological difficulties?

  • gather in and deepen inward and go below all the chattering to listen to the heart of our heart?

  • recorgnise what is going on in our psyche and meet what needs to be met with a very gentle way?

  • not only depending on what is happening outside but having a richness of the interior life inside of our body?

  • be able to accept and express ourself fully rather than inhibit ourself when we are faced with difficult situations?

  • de-reverse the neural pathways of the flow of the impulses to help ourself to deal with depression, severe stress, anxiety and trauma?

What are process that could support us in the state of stress, confusion, anxiety, trauma, depression or isolation? How can we become successful in situations in which we experienced problems? Come and join me on this wonderful journey of inquiry and explore to discover, recover and un-cover yourself! Uyên

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Hi, I'm Uyên Vu, a passionate somatic-embodiment mindfulness yoga meditation practitioner and teacher with over three decades of experience. Somatic-embodiment mindfulness yoga meditation is a practice to help you to attune to your body actual experiences and working directly with your body's sensations, feelings, emotions, images and thoughts to transform relationship to yourself

I came from Vietnam to live in the UK in 2015. My journey has taken me through a blend of ancient and modern Western and Eastern practices, exploring human anatomy, embryo & fetal developmental process, physiological psychology connection, body's experiences & sensations, neuroscience & neurocircuitry, neuro-physical disruption, breath awareness, relaxation, emotions-feelings-thoughts, energetic connection,  perception & awareness practice, movements & stillness inquiry practices.

I specialise in somatic-embodiment practices that bringing loving attention & kindness awareness toward ourselves to release stress, anxiety, depression, trauma build in resilience, find yourself and have a deep understanding of our own body, thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviour. 


My goal is to help you to start from where you at and find a heartful & soulful way to support yourself, find peace within you through movement & stillness inquiries. Whether you're looking to ease stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief or connect with your inner self, I'm here to guide you. Everything I do is designed to enable you to help yourself with a great self-care, loving attention-awareness practice. You will


  • feel better in yourself

  • be your authentic-self

  • release stress & trauma

  • have positive behaviours

  • relax, sleep & breath better

  • settle anxiety & uplift mood

  • be happier & more peaceful

  • know yourself soulfully and heartfully

  • release body-mind’s stiffness & stuck-ness

  • re-link our nature with the nature of Nature

  • be more compassionate to yourself and others

  • have a deeper connection to your emotional life

  • have a better sense of anchor, ground & resilient

  • understand your own thoughts, emotions, feelings & behaviours

  • respond and rebuild when confronted with strong emotions and life challenges




I'm fully insured and have trained in both Vietnam and the UK. I have studied with a range of influential teachers around the world and continually expand my knowledge in relevant fields to help people to transform the relationship to themselves and become much more authentic and comfortable to who they are. I hold certifications in each of the two disciplines of yoga meditation and mindfulness and I am qualified to teach and work with people of all ages. My specialist training and knowledge includes:

  • Teaching yoga meditation to everyone from 7 to 93+ years old who are interested in learning or enhancing their yoga meditation practice. I am a recognised member of and a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

  • I have a real passion and drive to work with children and young people especially and to support them on their journey through school and life. This led me to train with and be recognised by the well-respected Mindfulness in Schools Project and have focused on working with two age groups 7-11 and 11-18. Mindfulness in Schools Project delivers a toolkit that can anchor a child for life, rather than a quick fix they might forget just as fast as they have learned it! I can work with both students and teaching staff to bring mindfulness to young people and, potentially, to develop a culture shift in a school’s approach to their student's mental health and wellbeing.

  • To build on my passion for working with young adults as I grow I am a qualified Teen Yoga Mental Health teacher.

  • I am fully insured and I have an enhanced DBS check.  I am safeguarding trained as well as mental health first-aid trained.​​

  • In Vietnam, I practiced Ananda Marga Yoga – connecting heart-mind-body – with Mrs. Khanh Kakyani & Mrs. Cuu Karuna and I still receive support from these two amazing teachers. I have practiced mindfulness meditation - Mindful living - through the teachings of Thay Thich Nhat Hanh since I was very young in Vietnam and carried on my dive deeply into the human mind with teaching from wonderful teachers like Jiddu Krishnamurti and Emile Condrad. 


  • I also add to my learning through the teachings of people like Susan Harper for Perception& Perceiving practices; Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen - cellular consciousness & embryo development process (Body-Mind Centering); Amy Matthews - embodied anatomy & embryology; Michael Meade (Living Myth); Gil Hedley (dissector); Susan Bauer (embodied teen), David Zemach-Bersin (Feldenkrais Method); Michael Molin Skelton (Soul Motion dance); Gabrielle Roth (5 Rhythms emotional dance); Hoa thuong Thich Giac Khang (a Vietnamese monk); Reggie Ray (meditation teacher), Dr. Gabor Maté (trauma and addiction), Peter Levine (trauma and body awareness),  and from my many clients to open up a natural way of addressing health, vitality and possibility. 

I am happy to hear from you about teaching somatic-embodiment mindfulness yoga meditation in schools, workplaces & others to support and improve physical-mental-emotional-social health for children and adults (7 to 93+ years old) who may face physical challenges or feel stuck in thoughts, feelings, emotions, find it difficult to relax or stay focussed, struggle with chronic tension-stress, school attendance & behaviours, stress, anxiety, depression, in the process of grieving or those who would like to a have a deep understanding of their own cognition, emotion, physicality and spirituality.

If you are new to me, please do have a quick look at some of the reviews from schools, parents and others on Google, Facebook and Yoga Alliance Professional (UK)

Let's stay in touch!
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