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mindfulness & yoga mindfulness-meditation

stress, anxiety, depression relief practice

(working with your body's sensations, feelings, images and thoughts)


for children, teens & young adults

(7 to 26 years old)

small group setting (8 people) & private lessons

Connect and to feel better in yourself!

self-care & loving attention-awareness practice for your emotional, social, physical & mental health

I have spent many years exploring and developing understanding of the genuinely transformative capabilities of somatic-embodiment  mindfulness yoga meditation for children, teens and young adults to help to bring about the fundamental change in their state of being and relating to the world. My courses, private one-to-one and family lessons are specially designed to respond to the needs of youngsters between 7 and 26 who may struggle finding themselves, their resilience or those who are currently experiencing anxiety, stress, depression affecting their school attendance, socialising and behaviour. I have a wide range of flexible options to suit your needs and availability. Let's work together to build resilience to our young adults and give them a self-care & loving-attention, awareness-grounding practice to take good care of their mental health and wellbeing.

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Don't just take my word for it – read reviews from happy clients on Google, my Facebook page, and the Yoga Alliance Professionals (UK) website. Thank you for considering my services. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and well-being together!

Uyen came along to our Brownie meeting to help with our 'Mindfulness' Badge and we had a wonderful evening with her. The Brownies were fully engaged and captivated by her calm yet entertaining manner with lots of easy to remember ideas. They all said that they felt calm, happy and safe after the session.

Ian Bannerman

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