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Uyen Vu

My name is Uyên Vu and my deepest desire is entirely to help you to find ways to relief the anxiety and depression and live fuller and happier, to move more easily, to let go of pain or stress that has built up inside you, to stay focus, to relax and better connect with yourself or simply to have a more peaceful mind. From my heart, I want to help you to find ways to get out of stuck-ness, move your body, your emotions, worries, fears, anxiety, depression, aches & pains, feel better and be able to move on from crisis, grief, sorrows. Through this practice, I can help you to build a strong connection with the depth of yourself and resilience, find your inner peace , deepen your capacity for being present, rooted and grounded and enjoy more stillness and love.


I came from Vietnam and a passionate heart-soul counsellor. Over the last 3 decades, I have been exploring both Western and Eastern understanding of human anatomy & physiology, embryology, myth and nature, developmental and interpersonal psychology, development foundations of movement and its relationship to a person psychophysical process, their personal growth and well-being.


I am  very interested in the development process of a person not only physical aspects but also in the psychological & culture development growth. I am curious in energy flow, electro-magnetic field, dissection, perception, deep psychology & mythology, and consciousness practices and this path took me to study and practise other ancient practices  related to deepening direct experiences and perceptions that contribute to the well-being of the wholeness of a person. I include ancient & up-to-date somatic movement & embodiment practices, dance and relevant techniques with particular skills in trauma, anxiety & depression relief, chronic stress & pain, restlessness, heart-wounding, sensation, body movements, breath and sleep for people with all ages (from children to older people). In our practice, we will start from the point where you are in your situation. Lessons can be tailored to the needs of a group or an individual.

I am fully insured and trained in Vietnam three decades ago and in the UK for the last 8 years. In Vietnam, I practiced Ananda Marga Yoga – connecting heart-mind-body – with Mrs. Khanh Kakyani & Mrs. Cuu Karuna and I still frequent receives support from these two amazing teachers. I have practiced Mindfulness Meditation (Mindful living) through the teachings of Thay Thich Nhat Hanh since she was very young in Vietnam and carried on my dive deeply into the human mind with the teaching from Jiddu Krishnamurti. 

I trained with Sam Rao in the UK to teach yoga & meditation to adults and also took a course specialising in yoga for children with Yoga Bananas. I trained with Charlotta Martinus - founder of Teen Yoga UK to teach Yoga & Mindfulness to young adults. I am also an independence Mindfulness teacher (Present Moment Awareness ), having well-trained with Mindfulness in schools project (Misp) to deliver Mindfulness courses for children and young adults who are 7 to 18 years old across UK. I am s also a member of Mindfulness in schools Project (Misp).


I am on my ongoing studying with the teachings from Susan Harper - Perception practices (Continuum Montage), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen - cellular consciousness & embryo development process (Body-Mind Centering), Amy Matthews - Embodied anatomy & Embryology, Michael Meade (Living Myth), Gil Hedley (Dissector), Susan Bauer (Embodied Teen), David Zemach-Bersin (Feldenkrais Method), Michael Molin Skelton (Soul Motion dance), Gabrielle Roth (5Rhythms emotion-dance) and my clients to open up a natural way of addressing one's health, vitality and possibilities

I am  fully insured, having an enhanced DBS check, child protection and safeguarding trained, mental health first aid trained. Uyen is also a qualified, dedicated and passionate educator. I am also a Senior Yoga & Meditation Teacher at Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and has shared my practices and worked with people from 6 to 93+ years old who faced/ are facing different challenges in their psyche as well as physicality. I teaches Yoga Meditation & Mindfulness at local schools and companies in Ascot and surroundings as well as in my studio in Ascot. My husband, I and our two beautiful sons live in Ascot, UK. You can find more information about my teaching by contacting me on or 07484 325 685 or please do come and meet me in Ascot. Have a wonderful day and I wish very much to seeing you soon!


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