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What can you do to help me as our sessions?

I cannot help you to:

  • develop a perfect muscular body or an incredible stretchy body like a gym workout, Pilates, circus skills or gymnastics.

  • fix your physical pains like a chiropractor, physiotherapist, masseur or healer.

  • take away any psychological or emotional issues like a psychiatrist, counsellor or life coach.

  • connect with the Divine energy.

But, as an educator, I can help you to go into yourself exactly at where you as. From that place, you can focus and awaken your awareness, your body and mind’s intelligence, through yoga & mindfulness-meditation, to:

  • connect totality with yourself.

  • be attentive to what is.

  • have an extraordinary and vital body.

  • have great mental energy and a clear thinking.

  • have a vital and fresh brain.

  • be at peace with yourself and live without internal stress.

so you live your best each day. How we get there? In our class, we will do it through: · relaxation. · breathe (audible and not audible). · contact. · yoga poses/sequence and fluid movement. · sitting meditation (guided/not guided). Your whole being (body-mind-spirit) is the focus in each and every class.

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